26 September 2007

Things you should know before owning a jet ski

Here are a few quick tips to think about before owning a jet ski:

  1. Storage - Do you have somewhere to store the ski when its not in use. A large four-seater is going to take up a fair bit of space.
  2. Trailer - Don't forget that if you don't live right next to the beach your going to need a trailer to transport it. So you will need to budget for it and also have room to store this too.
  3. Safety - Make sure the craft has a lanyard, which will turn the ignition off should you fall off during use. All modern jet skis should have a lanyard as standard.
  4. Maintenance - Do you know everything about maintaining a jet ski? A jet ski should have a regular checkup to keep it running well. A good article to read is Good to Go by Jasmine Basha

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1 comment:

Avan said...

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